The Gravity Ball Method
Grip-Free Resistance Exercise

What is the Gravity Ball?

Imagine a new way to exercise, the grip-free way

The Gravity Ball Method is new way of doing resistance exercise that uses the Gravity Ball®, a patented exercise device that allows the user to do grip-free resistance exercise in a compact, versatile, all-in-one piece of equipment. 

Pilates & Yoga

Physical Therapy

sports training

Fusion Fitness


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Why is Grip-Free Exercise Important?

Each time you text a friend, open a door, or drive to the grocery store, you're using the muscles of your hands, wrists and forearms in a flexed or closed hand state (you are gripping). With time, the prolonged contraction of these muscles can lead to some of the most common overuse injuries including carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow.

Extension based or open hand (grip-free) exercise is designed to relieve these muscles and reduce the chances of developing these common overuse injuries.

The Gravity Ball also challenges yoga, Pilates and fitness practitioners in an entirely new way by its patented three strap system and spherical design.

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The Gravity Ball is an all-in-one device

The Gravity Ball's patented design allows it to replace these common types of equipment:

Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Medicine balls, Stretching / Yoga Strap, Foam Roller

Story of the Gravity Ball


The Gravity Ball was created by physician and life long fitness enthusiast, Dr. Mark Chavez, who at one point had lost his own health. He was 60 lbs overweight, depressed and unhappy with who he had become. He disliked going to the gym and wanted an all-in-one solution to resistance exercise that was effective, challenging, compact and versatile. He was inspired by his father who was a bodybuilder that had lost his grip strength after sustaining a devastating nerve injury while undergoing knee replacement surgery.  Dr. Chavez created the Gravity Ball and The Gravity Ball Method of resistance exercise to meet all of these needs. Today, he is on a mission to change lives by raising the awareness about the benefits of consistent resistance exercise. 


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5 lbs Blue Gravity Ball


This weight is recommended for:

    • People who do yoga or Pilates to enhance their abilities
    • Sports medicine and physical therapy
    • Sports and fitness enthusiasts  
    • Personal and group fitness 
    • People who want to increase general strength

    7 lbs orange gravity ball


    This weight is recommended for:

    • People who are more advanced yoga or Pilates practitioners 
    • Sports medicine and physical therapy
    • Sports enthusiasts
    • People who want to further increase their strength

    9 lbs black gravity ball


    This weight is recommended for:

      • Athletes & sports enthusiasts who would like improve power, strength, and balance
      • Sports medicine and physical therapy
      • Athletic trainers 
      • Fitness trainers