About Us

We are a health and wellness company that is passionate about helping people to achieve life long health through the practice of consistent resistance exercise. The company was founded by physician and entrepreneur, Dr. Mark Chavez who invented the Gravity Ball® and The Gravity Ball Method of resistance exercise. Our vision is to help the millions of people who cannot exercise using traditional equipment due to a lack of grip strength or an inability to hold the equipment to be able to do resistance exercise in a safe and effective manner. We believe that grip-free exercise also opens up a whole new world of exercise that will challenge even the most skilled athlete. Our unique approach challenges how resistance exercise has been viewed traditionally and provides a long term solution for people to get and maintain the best health of their lives.


Our Mission

To make resistance exercise accessible and available for all.

Our values

Always Be Learning

Always Be Innovating 

Share Knowledge

Inspire Curiosity

Be Adaptable