Benefits & Features

grip-free exercise using the Adjustable straps

 Gravity Ball Velcro Strap example

The built-in adjustable straps secure the Gravity Ball®to your hands and feet with professional grade, high strength Velcro. These straps in effect "hold you" so you don't need to hold the ball. This feature allows you to exercise with weight without having to grip the weight. These straps also allow you to have an open hand while exercising with weight. This feature benefits people who have trouble with grip strength and also challenges athletes and fitness professionals.

hands-free exercise using the Loop Straps


The Gravity Ball's loop straps can be used on your hands or feet to do unique and beneficial exercises including hands-free exercise. The loop straps slide over your wrists and allow you to do hands-free exercise with the weight held at the wrists. These straps can be used on your feet or ankles as well. Loop straps can also be used as a stretch strap to improve flexibility.

Additional exercises using the attachment anchors and Removable straps


Each Gravity Ball has four attachment anchors located along its center band that allow you to attach various straps, handles, resistance bands and other accessories. The additional strap options expand the number of exercises that can be done with the Gravity Ball. Example exercises include behind-the-head movements, throwing exercises, power and core exercises and a large number of stretch routines and balance moves.

High Versatility

The Gravity Ball's design also replaces the five of the most common pieces of equipment

A Gravity Ball replaces:

a dumbbell 

kettle bell

medicine ball

stretching strap

Foam roller




  • Surface: The surface of every Gravity Ball is made out of damage resistant synthetic rubber.

  • Straps: All straps are made of high tension nylon (including removable straps)

  • Accessory clips: Our accessory clips are rated to the strength of 800 lbs.

  • Circumference: 57 cm (22.5 inches) (about the size of a volley ball)

Size & Weights

All Gravity Balls come in one size (similar in size to a volleyball)

and three  weights, differentiated by color.


5 lbs Blue Gravity Ball

lightest weight

We recommend this weight for:

  • People who do Yoga or Pilates to enhance their abilities
  • Sports medicine and physical therapists
  • Outdoor sports and fitness enthusiasts  
  • Personal and group fitness 
  • People who want to increase general strength
  • People who would like to increase their flexibility
  • People just starting or getting back to exercise after a break 
  • Youth & teens 
  • Seniors 



7 lbs Orange Gravity Ball

medium weight

We recommend this weight for:

  • People who are more advanced yoga or Pilates practitioners 
  • Sports medicine and physical therapy
  • Sports enthusiasts
  • People who want to further increase their strength

9 lbs Black Gravity Ball 

This our heaviest weight.

We recommend this weight for:

  • Athletes & sports enthusiasts who would like improve power, strength, and balance
  • Sports medicine and physical therapy
  • Athletic trainers 
  • Fitness trainers

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