Why Is Grip-Free and Hands-Free Exercise Important


Every time we use our phone, open a door, drive a car or do most other activities we are using the muscles of our hands, wrists and forearms in a flexed or closed hand state, over time this can cause overuse injuries due to the constant action of gripping things using a closed hand or fist. 

Extension-based movements or open hand movements can help the muscles of our hands, wrists and forearms to become more balanced and less prone to overuse injuries. Common overuse injuries include carpal-tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow.

The ability to do extension-based or open hand movements gives individuals with grip-strength limitations from causes such as stroke, arthritis, nerve damage and even a limb loss an ability to do resistance exercise in a safe yet effective manner.

If grip strength is not a problem for you, extension-based exercise will still challenge you like no other form of exercise will. Elite athletes to the avid fitness enthusiast will benefit from doing extension-based movements. 

The science behind the benefits is based on vector forces. Vector forces act differently on movements done using open hands and a spherical weight, the forces are distributed in additional planes as compared to traditional weight and resistance bands. This results in the recruitment and activation of multiple muscles groups needed to stabilize and control the spherical weight. This provides a more challenging exercise experience without the need to add additional weight.